Hear from our Speakers

Hear from our Speakers

Our speakers have some exciting details to share with you about their upcoming presentations at WHAHC 2023. Check out the videos below and get excited about your favorite talks!

Itamar Offer

Sabar Health, Israel

Claudio Flauzino de Oliveira

Home Doctor, Brazil

Karen Titchener

Maribel Health, USA

Nicole Zahradka

Current Health, USA

Michel Calmon

FNEHAD, France

Lisa Tripp

Medically Home, USA

Sang-Ju Yu

Taiwan Society of Home Health Care, Taiwan

Silje Bøthun

SINTEF Digital, Norway

Esteban Gilszlak Kornhauser

Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Daniel Lasserson

UK Hospital at Home Society, United Kingdom

Nels Paulson

University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA

Davide Enrici Baion

City of Health and Science University Hospital of Turin, Italy

Linda DeCherrie & Gregory Snyder

Medically Home Group, USA

Heloisa Gaspar

Home Doctor, Brazil

Yuki Miyamoto

Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan

Juan José Parra Jordán

Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, Spain

Vittoria Cunha

SPMI, Portugal